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How to Pick Out a Souvenir

Not all souvenirs are worth bringing back Everyone loves to bring back souvenirs from their travels but—let’s face it—the majority of these items end up at Good Will a couple of years down the line or in the trash. If you’re going to bring back a souvenir, make sure it’s a keeper. Here are 5 tips on how ...

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Street Food Vendors are Food Ambassadors

Don’t be afraid to try it Many tourists overlook street food because they’re worried about hygiene or the quality of the food. That is a mistake! Having traveled extensively—we, here at EndlessTurns, can honestly say that some of the best food we’ve ever had was from a street vendor in one country or another. We would ...

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Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler is Disney World for Skiers We’ve made the Disney comment about other resorts but Whistler/Blackcomb really is like a fantasy land for skiers. Think of it as a ski-town on steroids—lots and lots of steroids. Beyond the two mountains—which are worldclass—Whistler Village is an international buffet of hotels, shops, and restaurants. There are also plenty of outfitters ...

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Nevados de Chillan

Nevados de Chillan Nevados de Chillan is nestled in between three active volcanos. It is famous for its off-piste skiing, natural hot springs, and incredible views. Although Nevados de Chillán is not as well known as Portillo or Valle Nevado, it’s probably the best all-around resort in Chile. There are plenty of trails and wide open runs ...

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Catedral Alta Patagonia

Catedral Alta Patagonia (aka Cerro Catedral ) Think of Catedral Alta as Argentina’s equivalent to Lake Tahoe, California—only it’s way better. There are mountains and lakes as far as the eye can see. It’s Heavenly with a double dose of culture, atmosphere, and scenic beauty. Sorry, no casinos here. The access to outdoor recreation in this region will blow ...

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Valle Nevado

Valle Nevado is like Disney World for skiers Valle Nevado is like Disney World for Skiers—You go in the summer; Everything you need is right there; It’s practically guaranteed you’ll have an amazing time, and You leave with memories that last a lifetime. The only downside is that it can be a little expensive (call ...

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The Early Bird Special

You know the expression, “The early bird gets the worm.”? That goes double for travel deals. Booking your trips as much as 6 to 8 months in advance can score you the best deals at the best locations around the world. Airlines, hotels, and tour operators like to pad their books with early bird reservations. ...

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The Package Tour is the Way to Go

2017-12-05 Section: ,

Here’s the thing about a Package Tour: In an age of DIY and self-reliance, it might be nice to take a break from all that hard work and let someone else be in charge. A Guided or Package Tour lets you sit back and fully experience and appreciate your surroundings without constantly having to plan out the next step or ...

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Let’s talk ‪‎Voltage‬ and Plug Adapters‬

Why you’ll need Adapters/Converters Power voltages vary from country to country. This means—your electronics may not be getting the recommended voltage they were designed for. Most devices—such as cell phones, tablets, and computers—are all multi-use voltage (100V-240V). Things like blow-dryers, clocks, and cameras may not be. This makes them less likely to work in countries ...

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International Driving

2016-05-10 Section: , , ,

International driving is a great experience and can be a total game changer when planning a big adventure abroad. Driving yourself around can sometimes work out to be the easiest and cheapest way to travel to multiple locations. If your travel plans include international driving, here are a few answers to some common question. Do ...

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