Get Ready—Winter Is Coming


Get Fit

This is the best time of the year to start a fitness routine, which will get you ready to hit the slopes. Start with your core and move on to your legs and arms. For the ideal workout, check out this link from Outside featuring free-skier, Crystal Wright. We like it because it covers the whole body, but focuses on the key areas you need to ski your best. Whatever your fitness routine is—getting fit for the season will reduce the chance of injury and make sure you have the endurance to make it through a full day of epic powder on your favorite runs.


Check you Gear

Before the season starts you should check all your gear, to see what needs to be fixed or replaced. Safety is really important on the mountain and you want to make sure all the gear you depend on is working right. It’s better to find out now, instead of the night before your next trip or while on the mountain. Plastics, glues, and outerwear fabrics can dramatically deteriorate if stored incorrectly. Heat fluctuation, salts from sweat, or ice-melting chemicals can all lead to equipment issues. Look for excessive wear and tear, color fading or distortion, and loss of flexibility or brittleness. For clothing—make sure everything still fits, check for damage, discoloration, or delamination. A lot of gear can be fixed with a trip to your local ski shop. However, ski bindings over 5 years old may not be serviceable due to industry-wide safety/liability protocols. Check with your local ski shop to see if your bindings make and model are on the current National Ski and Snowboard Retailers Association (NSSRA) list of serviceable bindings.


Wash Your Outerwear

If you’re like most people, you hardly ever think of washing your outerwear.  Think about it, when was the last time you washed your ski pants? Did you know washing your outerwear at least once a season can increase the life of your jacket and pants? It not only increases its lifespan, but also improves its ability to stay waterproof, breathable, and warm. Oils and salt from your skin, as well as dirt and chemicals from the outside, can clog the pores of outerwear garments. If this happens, then the breathability and waterproofing become compromised. This will turn your once warm, breathable, and waterproof jacket into a sweatbox, that will feel damp and cold the minute you stop moving, Salts and chemicals can also cause zippers to cease in place. The simple alternative is to wash your outerwear. We recommend Tech-Wash by Nikwax for all your outerwear—including gloves. NOTE: Make sure to follow all manufacturer care instructions when washing your garments.


Get Skis and Snowboards Tuned

October is probably the best time to bring your skis or snowboards in for a tune-up. It’s early in the season, so you’ll beat the rush. Many shops offer early-bird discounts to kick things off right. When you get a tune-up to start the season, you’ll know your gear is safe and you’ll be good to go all season with just a waxing here and there. Some shops, such as REI, offer free waxing all season long (co-op members only). Start the season right with a professional safety check, rust-free edges, and a nice fresh coat of wax.


Start Planning Your Next Ski Adventure

Most travel companies will tell you it’s best to plan your vacations 4-6 months in advance. That means you should be planning right now for your next winter ski vacation. With COVID restrictions and reduced flight availability, it’s more important than ever to plan ahead. If you’re interested in a ski or cultural adventure, give us a call. We will provide you with a tailor-made trip, to ensure a worry-free and memorable experience.