Language Trouble? There’s an App for that!

2016-03-22 Section: , ,

Having trouble with foreign languages? There’s an App for that. ‪#‎Siri‬ on the ‪#‎Apple‬ ‪#‎iPhone‬ can translate almost any language using the ‪#TranslateApp‬. Simply speak into your phone and the translation app will verbally translate into the language of your choice (note: verbal translation is not available for all languages). ‪‎Android‬ and‪ Windows‬ based smartphones have ...

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The Cloud Has Got Your Back

    The “Cloud” is a network of computer systems and software that provides a particular service and is accessible via the internet. Flickr, for example, is a Cloud-based application that allows you to store video and images which can be accessed and downloaded from any device around the world as long as it has ...

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Do Some Research

2016-03-08 Section: , ,

Travel can be a personal journey of discovery. Don’t let yourself be guided by other people’s idea of what is or isn’t worth your while. Be the master of your own (travel) destiny. That means—doing some of your own research Start with the standard tourist venues and then look at what else your destination has to ...

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Getting the most out of your travels

2016-03-01 Section: , ,

Planning a trip, especially to a foreign exotic location, is extremely exciting but  many people have a tendency to try to pack too much into one trip. It’s important to know when to stop and just be in the moment—enjoy your cultural surroundings; get a feeling for everyday life in a new place; and give yourself time ...

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How to Avoid Overpacking

2016-02-23 Section: , ,

Overpacking is easily one of the top five mistakes people make when traveling.  Granted, there are plenty of worse things that could happen on your trip but for those of us that like to travel light, there is nothing more irritating than having to care around more than you have to. Here are 3 quick tips to ...

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#TravelTipsTuesday: How to kick #JetLag

2016-02-16 Section:

Every traveler has experienced some degree of jet lag. Whether it’s a mild case of insomnia or a 48 hour haze of coma-like sleep, jet lag can be a drain on you and your vacation time. Jet lag happens when your body’s internal clock doesn’t match the timezone you’re in. You’re body is either telling ...

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North America Ski Adventures Video

2016-01-30 Section:

Here’s a video of our ‪ski adventures throughout ‪North America, designed by our good friend ‪‎Johnny Lyons. We hope you enjoy the footage and look forward to skiing/snowboarding with you this winter in the States or Canada:) For more info and to reserve your next adventure, contact us at or 800-328-4993!

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#TravelTipsTuesday: How to write a #TravelReview

There are way too many ambiguous reviews out there—both good and bad. If you want to write a review of you favorite place or that hole-in-the-wall you’ll never visit again, here are the basics of writing a good and informative travel review. Tell people who you are and what you’re about. Make sure you include ...

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How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to #TravelMore

2016-01-19 Section: , ,

Everyone says they want to travel more in the new year but it rarely works out that way. Don’t let this happen to you. Stop giving yourself excuses not to go away and make it your mission. You can live out all of your travel fantasies by simply making a plan a sticking to it. ...

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#TravelTipsTuesday: Organizing your Bag on the Cheap

2016-02-02 Section:

Most of us are not type-A organizers so we just stuff everything in a bag and head for the airport. Next time you travel take a crack at getting organized—or at the very least, separating your dirty socks from your clean underwear. Get yourself a set of travel cubes. These little sacs can help you turn your suitcase ...

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