Let’s talk ‪‎Voltage‬ and Plug Adapters‬


Why you’ll need Adapters/Converters

Power voltages vary from country to country. This means—your electronics may not be getting the recommended voltage they were designed for. Most devices—such as cell phones, tablets, and computers—are all multi-use voltage (100V-240V). Things like blow-dryers, clocks, and cameras may not be. This makes them less likely to work in countries that don’t have matching voltage.

There is also the issue of outlets. Some countries use different wall outlets that don’t work with the plugs you find in North America. It’s always a good idea to check. It’s better to know before you go. You don’t want to lug your devices halfway around the world only to find that they won’t work in the country you’re staying in.

Voltage, adapters, and converters

Voltage is the level of electricity that is being delivered to the outlet. A plug adapter is a plug that helps you match the plug at the end of your device to the outlet that is on the wall. A converter is a device used to convert the voltage coming from the outlet to the appropriate voltage for your electronics (camera, blow dryer, GoPro, GPS devices, etcetera). In some countries, you might need both a converter and an adapter but in many cases, the adapter is really all you need.

Still confused?

Here is a link that will help you decipher your electronics and what countries will support them. This link will also show you which plug adapter or converter you’ll need to charge your devices in your destination of choice.



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