Cat Skiing (for Newbies)

cat skiing

What is Cat Skiing   Cat skiing is a guided backcountry experience using a snowcat (think tractor with cat-tracks for wheels) to bring you to the top of the mountain instead of a traditional ski-lift. The benefit is that most of the terrain in the backcountry is untracked powder—giving you almost unlimited options for an

Japan Powder Skiing (JaPow)

Japan Powder Skiing (Japow) The secret is out. Japan has some of the best powder on the planet. Not only that, but it is also incredibly consistent. In January and February, the Northern island of Japan, Hokkaido, gets hammered with fresh snow. During the hight of the season, it snows more often than not—averaging 15-20

Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler is Disney World for Skiers We’ve made the Disney comment about other resorts but Whistler/Blackcomb really is like a fantasy land for skiers. Think of it as a ski-town on steroids—lots and lots of steroids. Beyond the two mountains—which are worldclass—Whistler Village is an international buffet of hotels, shops, and restaurants. There are also plenty of outfitters

Storm Skiing February 12 at Alta Resort

What a day out skiing in the Wasatch today.  You got to love it when the weather forecaster under predict a storm.  Deep Day! And more is on the way mañana.  It’s time to wax up those skis for some resort skiing and get a good stretch in for we’ll soon be touring