Tips for Traveling Safely Abroad


When you are traveling abroad it is very important to respect local customs and traditions and try to blend in as much as possible. Standing out in regards to flashy jewelry, expensive clothing, and having high end cameras around your neck is not a good idea.  Even though in many places you may be OK it is just not worth tempting fate with this.

When traveling always be sure to carry small amounts of the local currency on you, as well as a credit card.  At least of your card is lost or stolen you can call the card company and cancel the card. Having said this, it is a good idea to bring along with you a back-up credit card that you can lock in one your pieces of travel luggage in your hotel.

It may not even be a bad idea to hide a few notes of the local currency in one of your shoes, just in case of an emergency.  Also, try not to walk around with your passport, instead make a copy of this and carry it on you at all times, just in case the local authorities do ask you for identification.  You can also carry your driver’s license with you, but this should be in addition to the copy of your passport.

When out during the evenings you will want to stay in the main tourist areas where there are lots of people around.  Exploring the back alleys in Rio de Janeiro or La Boca in Buenos Aires after dark is definitely not a good idea.  We are glad to recommend some areas where you should focus on visiting more during the day and those that are off-limit at night.  Much of this is also common sense and remember to always go with your gut instinct if something does not feel right.



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