The Cloud Has Got Your Back




The “Cloud” is a network of computer systems and software that provides a particular service and is accessible via the internet. Flickr, for example, is a Cloud-based application that allows you to store video and images which can be accessed and downloaded from any device around the world as long as it has an internet connection.

As a traveler, this means you can use applications like Flickr, PhotoBucket, ShutterFly, or even Apple’s iCloud to backup your pictures, video, and important documents (passports, ticket info, and credit cards). Think of it as an insurance policy for all those priceless pictures you’ve taken while on vacation or a backup if your passports are lost or stolen. The Cloud can be your lifeline.

For images, we recommend using sites that allow you to upload full resolution images rather than the lower-res images you find on Instagram or Facebook. Images from your digital camera can be transferred via micro SD cards to a computer for uploading. Many newer cameras will allow you to upload images directly from the camera itself. The Olympus TG-4 or even a GoPro will let you upload your images and video  instantly.All you need is a WiFi connection. Try to upload your images daily. This will free up your camera’s storage space and prevent any lost images.

Try to upload your images or video daily. This will free up your camera’s storage space and prevent any lost photo-ops. Backing up often will also ensure that all your memories are safe in the Cloud if your camera is lost, stolen, or accidently falls out of your pocket and into a lake while you’re riding a roller coaster (true story).

We also recommend scanning or taking pictures of your passports and travel documents and uploading them to a Cloud-based site. If you lose them you will be able to print out a copy from your hotel, a library, or any internet cafe. This information will be very handy when you have to go to the Embassy to get new papers.

Follow this advice and travel with confidence knowing that the Cloud has got your back.





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