Do Some Research


Travel can be a personal journey of discovery. Don’t let yourself be guided by other people’s idea of what is or isn’t worth your while. Be the master of your own (travel) destiny. That means—doing some of your own research

Start with the standard tourist venues and then look at what else your destination has to offer. If you like riding bikes, check out bike rentals or bike tours in your destination city. If you’re into music, why not look into the local music scene. If you’re a foodie, there are tons of online reviews of food destinations the world over. The point is to have a set of hand-picked options to choose from when you come across some down time on your travels. It also doesn’t hurt to have backup options for things like rainy days, travel delays, and well-earned rest days. The worst case scenario—you have a list of place to go on your next trip. The best case scenerio—you get to hit a few extra places on your list instead of wasting time arguing or complaining that there is nothing to do. Having a plan-B, C, and/or D sometimes works out better than your plan-A. The point is—if you don’t do any research your trip will never reach its full potential.


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