How to Pick Out a Souvenir


Not all souvenirs are worth bringing back

Everyone loves to bring back souvenirs from their travels but—let’s face it—the majority of these items end up at Good Will a couple of years down the line or in the trash. If you’re going to bring back a souvenir, make sure it’s a keeper.

Here are 5 tips on how to save money and keep your home clutter-free.

  1. Buy souvenirs that are useful OR consumable. If you can use it, it won’t go to waste and it won’t end up in the donation bin—think; wineliquorsweetscookbook, even a letter opener. 
  2. Ask yourself if you would still want/use it in a year. Be honest with yourself. Are you really gonna be into that t-shirt, hat, scarf, bracelet, museum print, jewelry boxOR coffee-table book a year from now?
  3. Do not start a souvenir collection unless you’re prepared to display it prominently in your house. Think—refrigerator magnets OR fancy dish towels—not shot-glasses or figurines. Along these lines, don’t collect things that you don’t need multiples of—like key chains, coin purses, or bottle openers.
  4. Pick something that is meaningful and symbolic of your experience. Maybe that’s a snow globe or maybe it’s a handcrafted leather belt. This is completely subjective—just make sure it passes tips 2 and 3 first.
  5. If you’re buying a souvenir for someone back home, it is best to get something consumable—meaning they can eat, drink, or use it to its completion. Most people ditch their own souvenirs after a couple of years. Why would they want to keep yours around?

Keep these five tips in mind when you’re out souvenir hunting and you should do alright.

Happy Shopping!