How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to #TravelMore


Everyone says they want to travel more in the new year but it rarely works out that way. Don’t let this happen to you. Stop giving yourself excuses not to go away and make it your mission. You can live out all of your travel fantasies by simply making a plan a sticking to it. Here is a guide to making this resolution stick.

Step 1: Make a Plan
This is much more of a process than it seems but you only have to decide three things; (1) where to go, (2) When to go, and (3) Who to go with. That being said, Pick a place within reason—somewhere that works with your life schedule. Next, figure out who is going with you and get them all on the same page. (Note: Pick at least one person you know you can count on to go with you or be prepared to go it alone.) Last, pick a date that works best for you and your travel partners. If you can’t find a date that works for everyone, pair down your travel companions. Do not let other people’s schedules derail your trip. There is always, “Next time.”

Step 2: Tell Everyone
Once you have step one out of the way, start telling people. Tell all your friend and family but most importantly tell people at work and schedule the time off. Your travel plans will be that much more real when you officially take the time off. Telling people also has the added benefit of getting advice from people who have traveled to where you want to go.

Step 3: Fund Your Resolution
(1)Put a budget together for the trip and make sure you pad it (you always spend more than you think). Take one weekend and do all the planning—airfare, accommodations, excursions, etcetera.  Add up all the costs then add another 20 percent to that. This is your budget. (2) Start a savings account specific for travel and start making weekly deposits to that account in the amount that will get you to your goal (budget /number of weeks to your travel date). (3) Start living on a budget

Step 4: Get Your Papers In Order
No one wants to deal with paperwork but traveling well means being prepared for “what if” scenarios. (1) Get your Passports/Visas in order for international travel. (2)Make backup copies of your credit cards and travel documents in case of emergencies. (3)Notify you bank and credit cards of your travel dates. (4) e-mail a copy of your itinerary to at least two people. Think of it like backing up your computer—its a pain but it really comes in handy when things go wrong.

Step 5: Get Going With That Other Resolution
You know that other resolution people make every year—the one where you eat healthy and get into the best shape of your life. Weather you’re going to the beach or the mountains, you should make an effort to shape-up for your trip. Being in good shape will insure that you can handle whatever comes your way while your on vacation and will also double as insurance against being sick when it comes time to actually take your trip. Last but not least, get a checkup to see if you’re physically ready for your trip.

If you can’t manage steps 1-5 on your own, call the professionals. We can walk you through it and help you get your travel plans back on track. We’ll help make recommendations and give you the low-down on where to stay and the best time to travel. We’d love to have your business but we’re also happy just to talk and give advice to fellow travelers.—we got your back.


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